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Endgame Training

Comphrensive Chess Endings + Nalimov DVD
This is a fundamental program for studying endgame theory. Material is supplied by the prominent endgame theoretician GM Yuri Averbakh.

The program includes:

  • 4143 theoretically important games and examples thoroughly analyzed and classified into 300 themes
  • Material based on a printed edition of Comprehensive Chess Endings
  • All the chess material calculated through by the leading chess playing programs using the endgame tables
  • Material deeply elaborated and revised by GM Yuri Averbakh thus contributing to revised evaluation of some important theoretical endings compared to the printed edition
  • Nalimov Endgame Tablebases support and a built-in Test Mode
  • Computer evaluations and variations given for every move in games and examples
  • 2954 additional games from the modern practice, where the position in question occurred
  • The built-in playing program Crafty and the powerful searching system Chess Assistant Light allowing to analyze and play through the positions in question, edit variations, search for the necessary information, print out and export into a text file in both RTF and HTML formats
English version available, DVD-like box.
Euro 59,00

Fritz Endgame Trainer - Pawn Endings
Who doesn't know it, the painful experience of losing a beautiful game finally due to a lack of endgame technique? More than often, this happens because your training is one-sided, focusing only on opening or tactics. Yet endgames, particularly pawn endgames, are full of fascinating facets. So, enough reasons to tackle the classical subject of endgame training in a modern and effective way. The Fritz Endgame Trainer shows the fascination of pawn endings in a practical way, making you ready for practice. In more than 100 training positions, you can try to win or draw endgames against Fritz. In view of its well-known endgame strength, this is clearly a most difficult task. To make you up for it, the experienced author and chess trainer Martin Weteschnik has systematically split up the training positions into 6 chapters with extensive explanations and so-called workshops, i.e. commented videos explaining the proceedings on the screen. The range of tasks is immense, reaching from elementary endgames to examples from the practice of the world champions. If you have solved even the sophisticated tasks, you can choose from the 50 studies from a second database to play them against Fritz. The Fritz Endgame Trainer is suitable for Fritz-friends who want to learn the basics of pawn endgames through playing as well as for strong club players who want to check their technical skills against Fritz and broaden their horizon.
Euro 24,99

ABC of the endgames 

Realizing the necessity of making yourself familiar with endgames, you will soon be con-fronted with a problem: where to start and where to finish? There is an abundance of material and in reference books like the Cheron or Averbahk, the real basic endings are hard to find among the many exceptional positions. But who tells you what is a must-know and what is only special knowledge for professionals? The answer is: the "ABC of Endgames". With a total number of 176 treated endgames, the material on the CD is definitely man-ageable. Besides, 29 examples are pointed out studying which is considered as indispen-sable. Whether "Lucena-positions", "impotent couple" or practical hints for the surpris-ingly frequent endgame "rook + bishop vs. rock" - all these standard examples are in-cluding in the small survey. And for those wishing to deepen their knowledge even more, there are database texts introducing the respective type of endgame with the pos-sibility to immediately call up the relevant examples.
Euro 25,50

software di scacchi

Turbo Endgame CD

The Fritz Endgame Turbo contains four database CDs with Nalimov tablebases. With the help of the Endgame Turbo, endgames with five or less pieces will be played dramatically better, since the programs can use the Endgame Turbo in their search.  System requirements: The Endgame Turbo works together with Fritz6, Nimzo7.32, Junior6, Hiarcs7.32 and as analysis engine in ChessBase 7.0.
Euro 51,00

Eniclopedia delle aperture

Opposite-Coloured Bishop Endgames 

Apart from the theory of elementary endgames with opposite-coloured bishops, the CD treats the interesting constellations which arise if queen, rook or knight are added on both sides. With 30 texts and more than 150 sample games, the Russian grandmaster systematically examines the important criteria for the treatment of these endgames. When does a positional advantage guarantee victory despite material equality? Why can the stronger side not win although one oder more pawns up? How relevant are factors like an exposed king, the possession of the seventh rank or a central square? Which pawn structure requires which strategy? How to profit most from a passed pawn? Finally you can check your freshly acquired knowledge in 17 selected test games sweating against the clock. Surprise your opponents - and score more points by masterly endgame treatment. For beginners and advanced players.
Euro 25,50

Endgame study database 2000 
by Harold van der Heiden 

Dutchman Harold van der Heiden is one of the most reknowned connoisseurs of studies of our days. His unique collection of famous studies has been doubled in size and now contains more than 58.000 studies. Access via players index (=author's name) and endgame key.
Euro 51,00

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